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Income Tax return Notice and Assessment

As an organisation, it is your responsibility to deduct tax at source for your entire employee and report correct TDS to Income Tax department by filing Tax Deducted at Source every quarter. Deductors are required to file e-TDS statement every quarter.

Avoid any Fees or Penalty for Late Filing of Tax Deducted at Source Returns. If you delay or forget to file your etds, penalty fees of Rupees 200 per day gets levied on the deductor, as long as Tax Deducted at Source Statement is not been filed.

Deductor has to pay a penalty ranging from minimum of Rupees 10,000/- to 1,00,000/-

  • If a deductor exceeds 1 year time limit to file TDS Statement.
  • If a deductor furnishes incorrect details like PAN, TDS Amount, Payment of Challan etc.

Any error/ omission in original statement filed have to be rectified by filing a correction statement. It is possible to efile multiple correction statement in respect of one original return; however this was not happening because of the following reasons

  • Non availability of original statement FVU file
  • Non availability of updated FVU file after incorporating corrections

NSDL has now started this facility of downloading latest TDS/TCS consolidated statement through TRACES, incorporating all updates or correction statements.

We can prepare correction statement for the TDS returns already filed. Separate correction statement is to be filed for each quarterly TDS return. We can file multiple correction statements (i.e. if correction statement still holds error, we can generate correction statement again).

As a registered TRP and ereturn intermediary we can help you in following TDS services. At efiler we can provide you end to end service for filing / Revising and Submitting your TDS return on Quarter and Annual basis at minimal cost.

  • Online TAN Registration
  • Correction in Salary Record
  • Correction in Challan Record
  • Online PAN Verification
  • Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ & 27A : E-Return and Paper Return.
  • Correction Statement.
  • Email of Digitally Signed Form 16/16A.
  • Convenient Online Tax Payment/ Physical Challan generation.
  • Form 15G/H for lower deduction cases.
  • Online Challan Status.
  • Online Quaterly Return Status.
  • Online Form 15CA/CB for payment to Non-residents.
  • Reply to Notice received against TDS
  • Download of Consolidated FVU File for Correction Statements.
  • Automatic Challan File Download and Validation from NSDL FVU.
  • No need to punch details of Employees & Parties Name every time.
  • Import of Masters from other softwares (subject to certain conditions).
  • Import of Non-salary data from text file/fvu file.
  • Automatic Bifurcation of entries where TDS deposited in parts.
  • Interest calculation on Delayed Tax Deposit.
  • Report of TDS Summary.
  • Reports relating to PAN.
  • Reports of Defaults in TDS Deposit & issue of Certficates.
  • Reports of Partywise & Sectionwise Monthly TDS.
  • Export of Various Reports to Excel for Analysis.
  • Backup and Restoration of Data.