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We are frequently receiving emails regarding how to reset Income Tax Forgot Password for Income Tax e-filing website. Such as I am registered Income tax payee and have been E- filing Income tax return. I have forgotten my password. How can I retrieve the password?

We have come across many people who registered with Income Tax India's e-filing website but later on forgot the Income Tax Forgot Password that they had set at the time of registration. To help you out we are sharing best options available today for password reset:

Go to log in page of Income Tax India's e-filing website. Your PAN is the user id for e-filing website. So enter your PAN and click on forgot password.

On clicking on Income Tax Forgot Password, a screen will emerge asking to enter your user id ie. PAN and captcha code.

You can use the following below option:

OPTION 1 - When you select -Answer Secret question- You will be asked to enter your Date of Birth which should be as per your PAN, the secret question and its answer.

OPTION 2 - When you select - Enter e-filed Acknowledgement Number and Bank Account Number- You need to select the Assessment Year from the drop down for which e-filed acknowledgement number of the IT Return you are going to enter, then the e-filed Acknowledgement Number which is given on your ITR V and the Bank Account Number which was entered in filing the Income Tax Return.

Now very important part: A screen will appear showing you the email id which is registered with e-filing website. It will also give you an option to change the registered e-mail id. Here on selecting the option Change email id, you will be able to change the registered mail id and new password will be sent to the updated e-mail id.

OPTION 3 - When you select - Upload Digital Signature- You need to upload your digital signature. This option is the only option available, if you neither have any e-filing acknowledgement number, nor you remember the secret question and also you donot know the e-mail id with which the log-in was created.

If you are not able to retrieve password using above option, we are providing income tax password reset service at a small cost.

As a registered ERI, we can reset your Income Tax Forgot Password and can send your password at your registered email ID. You can also file returns without passwords or you can file through You will get the acknowledgment number and you can break the password with the help of acknowledgment number.

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