Income Tax Assessment Procedure

income tax appeal or assessment procedure

Under the Income-tax Law, Any assesse or any deductor not satisfied with any of the Income Tax Department (ITD) Notice orders by the assessing officer may file an income Tax Appeal or Assessment procedure to the Commissioner (Appeals).

Appeal should be filed within 30 days from the date of receipt of income tax notice / demand notice / order of assessment / penalty. The appeal should be in Form no. 35 which is in duplicate, connected by grounds of appeal duly signed and verified by the person authorised to sign the return of income. It should also be accompanied by a copy of order appealed against and the notice of demand in original.

Form no. 35 is to be signed and verified by the individual tax payer himself or by a person duly authorised by him holding valid power of attorney, In case of Hindu Undivided Families, Form number 35 is duly signed by the Karta and in case of companies, it is signed by its Managing Director and in case of a firm, signed by its Managing Partner.

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