NRI Tax Filing in India

If the sum total of these incomes exceeds Rs 2,50,000 the NRI must file a tax return in India

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You can get Income Tax Return e-filed and prepared by Our CA Tax Experts who can handle any Income from Salary, House Property, Rental Property, Capital gains and Losses. Capital gains from sale of property in India shall be taxable in India. Similarly income earned from deposits held in India must be included in your income. If the sum total of these incomes exceeds Rs 2,50,000 the NRI must file a tax return in India.

  • picture Information about When to file - Returns have to be filed if the income exceeds taxable limit, or to claim refund if the tax deducted
  • picture Documents Required - NRIs need to provide the statements for the demat accounts for the transactions and bank accounts.
  • picture Exemptions - NRIs can also claim exemptions available to individuals under the Income Tax Act
  • picture Filing Alternative - NRIs can file their tax returns online on the Income Tax Department e-filing portal

Frequently Asked Questions

When should an NRI file for the return?

There are three major criteria for filing the return. These includeif their income from the country exceeds the maximum limit permissible as basic exemption, or it can be filed to claim a return if the deducted tax is more than what was payable. To settle the claims for the amount set off as capital losses, one should file his returns.

What all documents do you need as a non-resident Indian?

The documents that one should submit include their passport of the residence country. This shows the total number of days spent outside India for them to qualify as a non-resident Indian. Apart from this, they should provide their de-mat account statements, and the TDS certificates they received from other parties. The statements for de-mat accounts are required for the knowledge of their bank accounts and transactions held in India.

What Indian income tax return should an NRI with only bank interest income file?

Yes, ITR-1 is okay. You can file ITR-1 as you have only Bank interest income. You would most likely have TDS against interest. If you have refund, please make sure that you select direct deposit into bank account in order to avoid the refund cheque being returned from your closed home. Foreign Income is not taxable in case of Non Residents and Non Resident(NRI) need not to declare foreign assets. So a Non Resident Person can file his return in ITR-1 even if he owns foreign Asset and earns foreign income

What are the exemptions and the deductions for NRIs are eligible?

There are certain exemptions in India by which an individual can reduce his/her taxable income. These include certain investments, payment of the principal amount of the housing loan, etc. These exemptions are applicable to NRIs as well. Therefore, for those exemptions that are applicable, the NRIs can claim the same under the Income Tax, such as Section 80C.

There are certain deductions that are specifically not applicable to NRIs. Firstly, NRIs do not benefit from differential exemption limits, based on age and gender, and applicable to resident Indians. Secondly, an NRIs short-term or long-term capital gains from their investment sale in India, is also not included under tax exemption.

What's points to remember for NRI Tax filing?

A point to remember is that an NRI, whose total income during the concerned financial year comprises only of investment earnings and/or long-term capital gains, should not necessarily file the returns.

Apart from this, if the tax deduction has already taken place at the income source, then too the non-resident Indian may not file the tax return. With the help of above-mentionedtips, NRIs can simplify the whole process of filing their tax returns in their motherland, India.

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