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Why to get Investment Tax Proof Validation from us?

Our group of CA's and Tax Return Preparer (TRP) helps in validate Investment Tax Proof of our Customers


We provide 24/7 platform for online tax return preparation which can be accessed at anytime, anywhere.

Income Tax Coverage

We cover all the aspects of Income Tax rules & regulations in respect to Salaried or Non Salaried

100% Accuracy

That is what made different from others, Nothing is Manual, we believe in 100% Accuracy and Acceptability

Data Security

We securely store Information with storage options that provide built-in encryption, designed for durability

Maximum Refund

We assure you the biggest refund possible - guaranteed. efiling will also get your refund faster.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

You will feel a sense of satisfaction on having prepared and filed return on your own.

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Income Tax

Efiler saved me. I’ve been a professional entrepreneur for over 20 years. During the past 5 years I’ve had some significant tax that I neglected to include on my returns, and the income tax came after me. Efiler filed my past returns and they lessened my tax liability dramatically. Efiler has me on a plan that facilitates the tax process.

Rashi Yadav - CEO Digital Agency

Income Tax Return

I had my tax returns prepared by efiler for a few years now, and the results are consistently good despite my complex tax situation. Recently I successfully filed return, reducing my tax from about Rs. 30,000 to Rs 0. I would recommend anyone who lives overseas and needs tax returned prepared or any tax advice

Pooja Sharma - Senior Manager - TCS

Tax Filing

It was very easy to work with efiler. Before your service, I was using a part time tax accountant in Delhi who was more expensive, but didn’t cover all deductions and so I paid tax every year. With efiler working on my return, it was simple to follow in your site, submit documents, and get maximum deductions. I will be back next year.

Amit Sharma - AVP - Pfizer


I have had efiler prepare my taxes for several years. I have been more than satisfied with work. My son referred me to efiler years ago, and since then my daughter, who is self-employed, has been filing with them. We are all happy with the services rendered and will file taxes with efiler every year.

Megha Surana - Cognizant Technology

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Frequently Asked Questions

  Why It is Important for Employee Tax Proof Validation?

Government of India imposes income tax on taxable income of an individual as per the income tax bracket. Levy of tax is treated separate on each individual. Levy is governed by the Indian Income Tax act
As an Employers you are required to deduct tax from an employees taxable income. This is tax deducted as source (TDS). In order to make the correct Tax Deducted at Source calculations, an employer requires accounting for all the deductions and exemptions available to an employee. As a part of your Company compliance or audit policy you are require to adhere to those policies under the ambit of Income Tax Law.

  How can we help you?

Every year you are spending extra money or paying your payroll vendor for Verification of employees income tax proof. We can assist you in reducing the cost by providing end-to-end solution for income tax proof submission, proof verification and validation with expert helpdesk and resources to assist you during the income tax proof verification process

  What if Tax Calculation is Incorrect?

That Not Gone Happen..... But if you need any change to Tax calculation we can do that and reprocess the tax payments before 31st March

  Q2. What can be eliminated?

-   Physical movement of proofs/documents
-   Tracking issue – submitted on portal Vs dropped
-   Effort and time involved from proofs dropped into drop box till received
-   Dependency on third party – courier or pick ups from different locations
-   Process of returning the hardcopy of documents after the year end     activities

  How safe is Employee data?

-   We have implemented strong security policies to protect your data.
-   Physical access to the servers is secured through multiple levels of     access control.
-   Our multi-tenancy architecture ensures complete isolation of customer     data from other customers to avoid data leakage.
-   Strong user access and password policies are enforced to ensure that     your data is safe.
-   All communications between your browser and the server are encrypted     with high grade 256-key SSL encryption.

  What are the Benefits?

-   Quicker TAT from proofs submitted till hosting IPSF status report
-   Cost effective – courier charges, storage space for returned     documents/proofs, one time arrangements (drop boxes, registers,     resources for managing administrative tasks)
-   Effective process to achieve higher employee satisfaction levels –     shorter TAT from proofs submitted till
-   Reimbursement status report hosting, NO queries on proofs submitted     but yet to receive/not received
-   Digitization of document helps to access the data quickly for audits.     Easier and fast access to data (scan) for any Query resolution – cut into     CD

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