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Help-desk Services Covers:

  • Absolutely Free for your employees
  • Get Bulk Tax filing done for your Employees
  • Calculations and preparation of Income or Tax Computation Statement
  • Inform or intimate the assessee if any additional tax liability is arising
  • Advise and preparation of tax challan if the assessee wants the service
  • Preparation of ITR forms if there is no tax liability
  • Filing of ITR forms with the relevant Income Tax Authorities.
  • We can efile the tax returns on request as well.
  • Delivery of stamped IT Acknowledgement through help desk/ courier or post

All Plan & Service Includes

100% Data Safe and Protected
We don’t Sell Data and Protect data with our best in-house Technology

Every Tax Detail reviewed
Comprehensive review of your online tax return

Email and Phone Support
We treat fairly and respond accurately, every email gets responded with Ticket

Download tax returns in paper or electronic version
Every return is filed online and available online on Income Tax website for review

Guidance in case of Notice 
One-to-One notice guidance from a trained tax professional

We search for Tax Deductions 
We help customers in reducing Tax Outgo by searching for Deductions


Get Expert CA Tax Assistance for Income Tax India efiling Services

You can get Income Tax India efiling services in India and prepared by Our CA Tax Experts who can handle any Income from Salary, House Property, Rental Property, Capital gains and Losses. Take our service for Income Tax efiling in India, if

  •   Returns Not filed for last Year
  •   Changed job and have multiple form 16
  •   Tax Paid overseas and want refund
  •   Sold house and reinvested the money
  •   Have income from multiple House Property
  •   Invested in Mutual funds, Shares or Sold a house
  •   Forgot to submit Form 12BB to new employer while joining
  •   Got an Income Tax Notice in current and previous years
  •   Submitted tax proof but missed by Payroll Company and paid extra tax

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We are Authorized as Tax Return Preparer and e-Return Intermediary

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Clients & Counting

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We do Quick & Accurate Income Tax efiling in India, as our customers acknowledge us as a Trusted Tax Partner in India. For Income Tax efiling in India, just Upload Form-16 and other details and we will efile taxes with 100% Accuracy within 48 hours.We assure of Maximum income tax refund, guaranteed with our Tax Assisted plan. We are authorised by Income Tax Department (ITD) as e-return intermediary and Tax return preparer in India.

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  • Phone: 9999-571-911
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Corporate & Employee Tax Services Frequently Asked Question

  • How can I upload form 16 online?
  • You can Upload Form 16 at efiler income tax return website for filing returns using your form 16. It just takes less than 5 minutes in uploading form 16 and your return will be filed in hours. It is absolutely secure and protected site and your data will be in safe hand.
  • How can I download Form 16?
  • You can download form 16 Part B from your employer payroll site or email to HR or Finance team in your company to get Part B. For Part A, form 16, you can reach out to traces site and download all the complete form 16-part A
  • Can I generate Form 16 online?
  • Yes, you can use the traces website for generating form 16 online for Part a only. If you are an employer, you can take our service as we help in generating form 16 for your employees and even mail them; here is the link for form 16 Service.
  • What can I do with form 16?
  • It is an important document and reflect your financial health. If you are applying for a Loan, Visa or a Government job, Income tax return copy is an evidence for your income. Form 16 is used as a reference document for filing your income as Income and tax mentioned on form 16, Income tax return and Form 26as should match.
  • How can I download Form 16 B?
  • Your employer provides form 16 B with annexure as it states the complete break up of your salary. It is employer responsibility to provide you with form 16 by 31st May. If not received, reach out to your employer HR or Finance.
  • How can I get Form 16 from TRACES (
  • You can get Form 16 Part A from TRACES website, here are the steps to generate Form 16 Part-A from TRACES ( website. Step by step guide
  • How to Upload Form 16 and e-File?
  • It is very simple, login / register to our site and on the home, page click on the Upload form 16, enter your details and upload form 16. Here is the step by step guide for Upload Form 16 online.
  • How to upload form 16 on the website?
  • What is your objective, if you want to file income tax return, you do not have option on to file income tax return, but if you are responding to an Income tax notice and want to share the form 16 as an evidence, you can do the same.
  • What is Form 16 and how to upload it on the e-filing website?
  • Form 16 is used by the companies to provide their salaried individuals information on the tax deducted. It is an obligation for an employer to provide the form 16. You can upload form 16 on our website and it will take only 5 minutes. Here is the step by step guide for filing upload form 16.
  • How to get form 16 online?
  • You can Generate & Digitally Sign Form 16 PDFs Online use our in-house software. We can help you in generating form 16 at a lower cost, it is simple and quick. You can reach us out for more detail. – Contact Us
  • How to fill form 16 for salary with example?
  • Form No. 16. [See rule 31(1)(a)]. PART A. Certificate under section 203 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 for tax deducted at source on salary. You can refer to form 16 format on the following link as prescribed – Form 16 – Income Tax Department.
  • How to download form 16 for salaried employees using pan number
  • You can download form 16 Part A from Traces website using pan number. It is important to have the pan number handy as by the number only you can generate the form 16 Part A. Here are the steps for downloading form 16 for salaried employees using pan number – Step by Step Guide

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