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Steps to Upload form 16

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Step 1 : Upload Form 16 pdf (Part A and Part B

Step 2 : Enter Personal Details

Step 3 : Enter Address Details

Step 4 : Enter Bank Details

Upload form 16 is the easiest and more convenient for tax filing, at, we help customers to file return within minutes using their Form 16 or 26as. Here is the step-by-step process for you to file tax return using Form 16 and Form 26as.

Step 1:

Upload your form 16 Part A and Part B in any format click on the “Choose Files” and you can attach multiple files either in a Zip format or jpeg, pdf or png format.


  • Share the password (If Any) for both Part A and Part B form 16
  • Make sure the images or document uploaded are in legible format and information is clearly visible

Step 2:

This is an important step, as you are required to fill all your details based on your PAN card and Form 16 details. Please fill all your details as per PAN card details correctly.

You are required to fill, Complete Name, Father’s Name, Email Address, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Date of Birth, Mobile Number and Gender.


  • All these details are important and Mandatory, as the same will be filed in the Income Tax return.
  • Your return might get accepted on income tax website if the details are not matching as per PAN card details

Step 3:

You are required to enter the Address Details; you can put current Address for further communication, as after filing return you will get all the hard copy communication from income tax department on the below address.


  • Keep the address where you can manage the communication.
  • Irrespective of the address, all the communication from Income tax department will be sent on your email ID and will be available under your Income Tax website Access.

Step 4:

Enter your “saving bank account” details for income tax return as if any Tax refund comes for you while filing return, the same will be directly credited to your account.

You are also required to declare all the additional bank accounts you have as per the recent Income tax


  • It is mandatory to share Bank Details with Income Tax Department through Return Filling.
  • Please share correct Bank Account No. as Excess tax paid by you will be credited / refund directly to this Bank Account.
  • We do not sell or share any of your Personal Details.

Final Step :

Click on the box, next to “By clicking on this check box”, before you submit all the details for file tax return. This is a mandatory step.


  • After submitting all the details, you will be redirected to CCAVENUE payment page for making the Final payments for Tax filing services.

Error if you have updated incomplete information :

If you have submitted incorrect or incomplete information in the form, after clicking on “Submit Details” you will get an error on the page and you will be asked to complete all the errors.

Here are the examples of some errors as mentioned below

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